Why focus my approach on the woman's uterus?

Convinced that by rediscovering a unique bond of love with the space that held our first cells, imprints and memories, we can truly transform our daily lives, I invite you to honour, respect and celebrate your own individuality by connecting with the source of humanity's birth: the womb.

It's obviously a gradual journey that has led me to centre my work around the Matrix, and specifically, around the place of the uterus in our realities as women, right up to its place in all human realities.

It was in 2009, in the heart of the Amazon jungle and accompanied by medicinal plants, that I really heard what my uterus had to tell me about my history and my memories, as far back as my life in the womb, right up to this sensation, surely presumptuous, of perceiving the primordial memories of humanity.

Was it a figment of my imagination?

Maybe...but this dialogue with my uterus has become a great resource in my life journey and today I want to share my approach with all the women, and even men, who hear the call of their depths, whether or not they know what this voice from the depths has to tell them.

Yes, men... because this is where we all come from, ever since the World was a World. So Opening up a dialogue with the Matrix of our Mothers, our Sisters and all the women of the World, certainly seems to me to be a very precious, even sacred, source of information in our journeys on Earth.

So this is my approach, supported by the concepts of analytical philosophy and evolutionary biology...research and training on the female body and its mysteries...15 years of yoga sessions and body expression observing many bodies drawing their story in their postures and movements...and of course, my story...quite simply.

For each meeting I offer, whether it's Matrix Yoga, Women's Boudoirs or Sisters' Huts, I guide my sessions and workshops by the same rhythm and the same dynamic, that of the Cycles of Life, from birth to the evolution of humanity (Following E. Haeckel's concept of phylogeny on the evolution of the species but also the natural process of birth, growth and ageing of an individual).

So, when a woman invites herself to one of my meetings, she already knows the story without yet realising the depths of the journey...

My story

  • As a young girl, I was quickly curious about exploring my female body.
    I felt good, confident and totally myself in these moments of intimacy and in my sexuality, awakening more and more of what was sparkling inside me and which I was allowing myself to express fully.

    Let's just say it was my first connection to my female body, in all its power, beauty and depth.
  • It was in 2009, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, accompanied by medicinal plants, that I had the profound sensation of entering into contact with my matrix and its memories, and even reconnecting with certain intra-uterine memories.

    These experiences have guided me towards a more conscious awareness of this space in my female body and its mysteries, awakening many of the sufferings that I had failed to bring to my attention thanks to my protective unconscious.

    Awakening these memories, I really felt the courage to look at them, listen to them and transcend them....
    the courage of all women to explore its depths, to encounter their memories as women, to dare to bring them out into the open and raise their voices at the same time.
  • My 5 pregnancies and 3 childbirths will have a definite importance in my journey of listening to the mysteries of the Matrix.
    These are times when women are undeniably connected to the matrix that creates life, but also when every human being, in the heart of their mother's womb, can access the memories of the birth of humanity.
  • I've been offering yoga and body expression sessions for over 15 years, mainly for women and pregnant women, and I've been able to observe many bodies and realise the story behind their postures and movements.

    All these years have gradually led me to focus my approach on the woman and especially the place of the uterus in her life as a woman, but even further still, in our human realities.

    In 2023, I supplemented my approach to the body with an approach that has profoundly nourished my work: Rafael Baile's training in Biodynamic Movement and Dance.
  • My training in Women's Yoga, Womb Yoga, Hormonal Yoga, Holistic Gynecology and Feminine Anatomy has enriched my work, so that today I can offer women the opportunity to listen to their innermost depths and let their consciousness express what needs to be heard, to release what is weighing them down, to feel at all times their centre and their creative source, and to illuminate their path in life.
  • And then there are the women in my lineage, the women in my heart, the women in my microcosm of life...
    And then there are the women of the world and the awareness of the unspoken, the jealousies, the discrimination, the injustices, the suffering, the violence... and our daily challenge to make ourselves heard and respected, but also the place of our uteruses in society.

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