"Listen to the voice of your depths,
Meet your Life movement,
Reveal the Dance of your reality".

Anahita's boudoirs

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An invitation to reawaken our own mysteries and the mysteries of other worlds, to rediscover Wisdom and weave together a World of Peace.


Yoga Matrix©

The Cocoons

Discover Yoga Matrice© courses and cycles online

Les Boudoirs Cocons offers Yoga Matrice© courses and cycles. online.

In the warmth of your cocoon, the online courses and cycles offer you the chance to set up a Matrix Yoga routine, listening regularly to the voice of your matrix, respecting your inner rhythms and reactivating movement in your body and in your life.

Interior Boudoir

Matrix Yoga Cycle online
1 lunar cycle

Boudoir creator

Yoga Matrice course online
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Les Boudoirs d'Anahita opens up the space for listen to the voice of our depths, in order to free our body and our voice,
to light our way,
and create the dance of our realities.