What is Yoga Matrice©?

The Bodily Voice of our Matrices

Matrix Yoga is based on consciously listening to the multiple and cyclical messages of women's bodies and on the free expression of women's voices.

What makes it special

From the space of our Matrices, invite a spontaneous movement of life in the exploration of postures, sequences, gestures, vocalizations and free movements,
and let the mysteries of Woman express themselves, interconnected with the mysteries of the Worlds and natural cycles, thus liberating the voice of Women.

Its benefits

  • Restore spontaneous, natural, free movement in your body and in your life, with lightness, clarity and fluidity,
  • Feeling contained and secure in her female body,
  • Reconnection, awareness and consciousness of the womb, uterus, internal and external genitalia, pelvis, perineum and vertebral axis,
  • Falling in love with your female body and its history,
  • Let go of the masks and embrace your darkness, your light, your memories and your wisdom,
  • Daring to present yourself to the Worlds in all your shades and colours as a woman,
  • Open up to change and movement in your life, with confidence and serenity,
  • Activate your sense of security, belonging, anchoring and presence,
  • Maintaining the health of her Matrix and vaginal flower,
  • Awakening desire, pleasure and voluptuousness,
  • Nurturing self-love, self-confidence and confidence in life,
  • Release fears and limitations and nurture strength, courage and daring in a deep and lasting way,
  • Getting together and activating solidarity, support and love between women,
  • Reconnect with the Wisdom of our Matrices and Dance Life.


Yoga Matrix©

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