Yoga Matrice© classes - Plaine de Peri

15,00 130,00 

"Take the time to listen to the voice of your depths and create the dance of your Matrix".

Matrix Yoga is an invitation to travel from the space of your Matrix, to encounter your history, your memories, your wisdom and create the living, vibrating flow in your bodies and your reality.

For all women.


Choose your session:
or on Tuesdays from 11.15am at the Peri Social and Cultural Centre
or on Wednesdays from 6.30pm at the Peri Social and Cultural Centre

Each Yoga Matrice class lasts 1 hour.
Courses are not offered during school holidays.

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The weekly Yoga Matrice classes offer a first approach to Yoga Matrice.

If you want to take your practice further and discover the spaces for vocalization and free expression, I invite you to discover the Boudoirs Matrice (link to Boudoirs Matrice) or register at Boudoir Cocon online

Matrix Yoga cycles

The cycles correspond to the school periods from holiday to holiday, between September and June:
cycle 1: Propulsion
cycle 2: Expression
cycle 3: Internalization
cycle 4: Expansion
cycle 5: Creation
Each cycle comprises 6 to 7 Matrix Yoga classes

What is Yoga Matrice©?

Let's free the dance and song of our Matrices.

Matrix Yoga is based on consciously listening to the multiple and cyclical messages of the female body,
and the free expression of women's voices.

What makes it special:
Invite spontaneous movement through the exploration of postures, sequences, gestures, vocalizations and free movements,
expressing the mysteries of Woman, interconnected with the mysteries of the Worlds and natural cycles,
liberating the voice of women.