My story

What am I?

I'm Mila Mariom, a lover of the human connection, of interactions between worlds and of the magic that happens when we come together and explore together,

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My mission

Rediscover a unique and authentic bond of love for ourselves, for everyone and for each other, and free the voice of our realities.

My Tools

Yoga Matrix©

Rediscover a spontaneous, fluid and authentic movement of life in your body and your reality; express the bodily voice of your depths and create the dance of your reality.

Boudoir Matrices

Bodily journeys of listening to the voice of one's depths towards the free expression of the dance of one's reality.

Sisters' Hut

Sweat lodge to give way to the magic of the Circle, free your body and your voice and light your way.

Boudoirs des Mamas

Pre/Post natal rituals, from the entry to the exit of the Vortex of the birth of a child to that of a Mother.

Boudoir Cocoons

Online Matrix Yoga© boudoirs to honour the cyclical and multiple Woman by listening to the voice of her Matrix and releasing the dance of her reality.

How it all began

Why "Les Boudoirs d'Anahita"?

Find out more about the origin of the name "Les Boudoirs d'Anahita", through a sensitive and funny anecdote.

The story of Anahita's boudoirs

I'm having fun telling you the story behind the name "les Boudoirs d'ANAHITA".
When I was 22 and living in London, I wore heeled boots, coloured nail varnish and I loved underwear!

One day, I was wandering around a London district near a magical park when I came across a small underwear shop. Cosy sofas, subdued lighting, pastel flowers, chocolates on offer... the shop was called 'Boudoir'.
That day, I dreamt of opening my own underwear boutique, which I would call Boudoir.
I haven't worn a bra since I was 25...haha!
But this 'Boudoir' remains precious in my heart.
It's a cocoon where you can find yourself among women, without shame or judgement, and fully be the person you feel you are, here and now.
Inspired by the Boudoirs developed around the 18th century as a salon away from a bedroom, an ideal place where women could take a break and share a moment of intimacy while taking care of themselves and getting together with other women, in a spirit of trust and sharing.

So today, this Boudoir comes to life... differently!!!

And Anahita?

When I was carrying life for the 3rd time, I woke up from a nap to hear "Anahita"...
Two days later, I magically discovered that Anahita was a Persian goddess, the goddess of fertility.
This vibration of Anahita has carried me ever since, linked to all the Goddesses of mythology such as Isis in Egypt, Yemanja in Africa and Latin America, Parvati in India, Ixchel among the Mayas...
These Goddesses are present in all of us,
The ones that bless our creative matrix and help us to grow in our great power to create!
So I'd like to share with you some "Boudoirs" inspired by "ANAHITA" to help us create the realities of our lives, a life of all possibilities.

My career

Explorations, Inspirations and Training

2023/2024 - Training in Biodynamic Dance by Rafael Baile
- Degrees of Psychophony by M.L Aucher

2022/2023 - Regular Shakti Dance classes with Sara
- Yoga with Angela Farmer.
- Blandine's "Perineum and Movement" workshops

2020 - Transmission of the Rebozo Ritual by Yaël Catherinet and Marion Derveaux
Nice France
- Voces Curanderas
Alexandra Ostos

2019 - In the heart of Peru's Sacred Valley
From a free, family birth to the ancestral care received (Rebozo, Temazcal/Sweat lodges, Rituals, etc.).
- Holistic Gyn-Ecology Training
Marie Pénélope Péres

2018 - Yin Yoga Course 50Hrs
Biff Mithoefer
Savoie France
- Womb Yoga & Prenatal Yoga Course 100 Hrs
Uma Dinsmore Tulil
Portugal (Inspiration Angela FARMER)
- Hormonal Yoga Training 30 Hrs
Dinah Rodriguez
Aix en Provence France
- Follow-up to training courses and seminars towards a new birth paradigm
Karine - Quantik Mama

2017 - Yin Yoga Course 50 Hrs 
Cécile Roubaud
Savoie France

2016 - Participation in several waves and retreats of Gabriel Roth's Dance of the 5 Rhythms

2015 - Participation in the Integral Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yogi Vishvketu - Anand Prakash Ashram
Rishikesh India

2015 - Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat
Maitri Baraz 
Kerala India 

2012 - Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Course 90Hrs
Sunshine Massage School 
Chiang Mai Thailand

2011 - 200 Hrs Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course 
Vrindavan India 

2009/2011 - A year in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Peru, accompanied by the Ayahuasca Mother Plant, Arc en Ciel community.

2007/2009 - First introduction to Hatha Yoga
Reunion Island