The Cocoons

Interior Boudoir


During 1 Lunar cycle, Mila invites you to explore your inner feminine landscape, to connect with your cycles and your creative source, and to open yourself to renewal through a gentle, conscious practice of Matrix Yoga, each day listening to your inner compass, guided by your sensations, emotions and intuition.

On-line Yoga Matrix courses & Pranayama Matrix exercises, self-observation tools (audios, self-observation documents, etc.).


-Online Yoga Matrix videos adapted to each period of your cycle*.
-Online videos of Pranayama exercises adapted to your cycles*.
Online videos of warm-up exercises
-Online videos of exercises to free the knots in your voice
(The online videos are organised as short programmes, so that you can practise regularly according to your availability on the day (5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour).
-Yoga Nidra online audios
-1 tool for self-observation of your cycles and rhythms, monitored daily
- 2 Rituals to open and close the cycle

*If you have entered your period of wisdom, the menopause, or if you don't know exactly where you are in your cycle, you can use the practices by linking yourself to the Lunar cycle.
The Moon will be with you!


Who is the Inner Boudoir, Matrix Yoga cycle for?

The Inner Boudoir is for all women, without exception, if you wish:
- to offer you gentle, sensual, joyful moments of return to yourself,
-free yourself and explore the possibilities of your body, your breath and your voice, without fear or judgement,
-reactivate vitality, vitality, creativity and joie de vivre,
-reconnect with your cycles and rhythms,
-regain confidence and love for you,
-rediscover desire and pleasure,
-Create your own daily rituals to support your feminine balance...
-or even to prepare your body to welcome Life.
-open yourself up to all possibilities...

When will it take place?

During a lunar cycle, all year round whenever you want.

I would like access to the Inner Boudoir...

under development