Sweat lodges

Rituals for Healing, Transformation, Reliance and Rebirth.

Linked to the ancestral medicine of the Central American Temazcal "House of Hot Stones", the Sweat Lodge is a sacred ritual of purification that exists in many cultures and traditions, in different forms.

The huts proposed by Mila are made of Arbutus wood and covered with many blankets. The sacred fire collects the stones, which are then gradually brought to the heart of the hut. 

After a precious time of connection and communion with the earth that welcomes us to the Hut, with the living and vibrating all around us, with the tribe of women with whom we are going to live this experience... we enter the Hut.

In total darkness, the stones are heated by the power of fire, the bearers of Wisdom, offering their disconcerting warmth where it becomes necessary to let go in order not to suffer, burning away our fears and limitations.

Further than the mind and all interpretations, just there, carried, guided by the Worlds,
to meet our Worlds,

Caressing the Earth with our whole body, embracing it with all our Love, offering it our tears, our cries, our laughter...Life...until we are in communion with the Living, interconnected,

Our sweaty, trembling, feverish bodies, dripping from our dark depths, 
Our voices crying out our pain, our suffering, our joy, our rage and our madness,
to the point of singing its Way, its vibrancy, its beauty in its pure, wild state,

Supported and heard by the Circle, we meet the Mandala of our Being,
Who breathes into us the desire to Live intensely and celebrate Life truly.


Physically, the moist heat rises gradually, stimulating blood circulation and perspiration and releasing toxins from the body.

On an emotional and mental level, the journey to the heart of the Hut brings us liberation, clarity and harmonisation.

On a deeper level, this ritual is an intimate journey with oneself and opens the doors to a greater, mysterious World.

Leaving the Hut is celebrated as a moment of Renaissance.

Are there any contraindications?

Sweat lodges are not recommended for people with heart problems, high or low blood pressure or serious circulatory disorders. 
In all cases, Mila advises you to centre yourself and listen to yourself, so that you can feel confident and aware that your participation in a sweat lodge is the right thing to do.

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