The rhythms of Matrix Yoga and Boudoir?

All the Boudoirs and Yoga Matrice classes follow the same rhythm.
The Rhythm of the Cycles of Life, a reflection of our existence interconnected with the Mysteries of Life and the Cosmos.

You invite yourself into a class or a Boudoir, offering yourself a journey through all your inner directions and seasons, inviting and energising your movement of Life, in constant connection with your Centre, the Source of your unique essence and interrelated with the Divine Source of Love.

The Boudoirs d'Anahita connect us to our essence as women, to our female bodies, bearers of individual and universal memories and wisdom, in the depths of our womb, the original matrix of life creation, the cradle of humanity, the portal between the Worlds...

Connecting with our Matrix guides us on our journey of connection to its Centre, linking us to our mysteries interconnected with the Mysteries of the Worlds.

So during each Matrice or Boudoir Yoga class, Mila guides you on a journey through the cycles of existence, the moons, the seasons, the phases of human birth, the stages of our lives... until we are reborn from our journey and plunge back into the perpetual cycles of Life, lighter and freer, nourished by Love to share.

The rhythms of classes and Boudoirs:

To dare to listen to, explore and love what is being said in your depths and which needs to be expressed in order to feel more complete and free.


  • A gradual, conscious entry into the journey,
  • To connect with your inner rhythm, your natural breathing, your presence in the moment,
  • To connect with your matrix and listen to its spontaneous messages,
  • To feel supported, carried, heard,
  • To invite movement into your belly, your pelvis, your spinal axis and meet your movement of the moment,
  • Take pleasure in movement and free your voice,


  • To awaken your life movement throughout your body,
  • To invite a lively, vibrant flow to the rhythm of your inner drums,
  • To open up to your surroundings with confidence,
  • To connect you to all the women on your journey,
  • To feel the Earth carrying you and supporting you, and the Cosmos offering you its mysteries,
  • To feel totally balanced and aligned with all the information of the moment,


  • To go deeper into your mysteries as a woman, your history and your memories,
  • To allow yourself to express, without limit, all your feminine colours,
  • To introduce you to the world, freely and wildly,
  • To feel that you are never alone and always supported,
  • To nourish your bodies and your reality,


  • To slow down and hear beyond the mind, to see beyond the night,
  • To abandon yourself to the Earth and let your bodies settle,
  • To free what limits you in your expansion and in your authentic presence,
  • To heal your wounds,
  • To connect you to your source of life and love.


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