Pink Petaled Flower on Human Hand

To our ancestors

A source of inspiration, transmission and healing to illuminate our life paths... our Mothers, our Grandmothers... our Ancestors.

Even if the absence or silences give us the illusion of not having access to their Memories and their Wisdom, everything is there within us.

Regaining access to these Memories is an infinite journey, but one that is so nourishing and totally liberating.

Our bodies and our matrices, the home of all human Lives, carry these Memories, up to inestimable Resources of Universal Wisdom.

Each conscious journey into our bodies and their depths awakens these memories in one way or another. 

Explore them, without mentalizing them, just by moving them, dancing them, feeling their bodily vibrations and then freeing our voices to sing them.

Each Boudoir invites you on a journey of exploration to the source of our existence, to then return to the flow of Life lighter and with greater clarity.

To our Mothers, our Grandmothers, our Ancestors,

Their Memories and Universal Wisdom rediscovered.

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