Yoga Matrice or Boudoir Matrice?

Le Yoga Matrix is a practice that invites women to consciously explore the messages in their bodies, right down to the depths of their uterus and feminine organs, in order to let them express themselves throughout the body, gradually rediscovering a spontaneous and free movement of life.

The practice offers a series of postures, movements and gestures, supported by specific breathing techniques, which awaken our bodily awareness, nourish our female bodies and reactivate movement in our bodies and our reality.

Symbols and visualisations awaken the imagination, helping us to reconnect with our internal and external genitalia, and to mobilise the whole body, with the intention of releasing heavy information imprinted on our bodies, stimulating our presence and grounding, and nourishing our creativity and joie de vivre.

A body in movement, from the messages of its depths, draws the dance of its inner reality.

Listening to the voice of her matrix, the woman draws her own story as a woman and gradually creates the Dance of her Matrix.

Yoga Matrice is a physical, therapeutic, creative and artistic approach to freeing the voice from its own depths and liberating women's voices.

The Boudoir Matrix offer journeys into our depths to reconnect with our female bodies, reconnect with our internal and external genitalia, and let our inner reality express itself by inviting spontaneous, creative movement, accompanied by the voice and liberating, healing sounds.

A deep meditative journey, the woman enters into an intimate exploration of herself, encounters her mysteries, her history and her memories, and journeys towards the free expression of her reality as a woman, in unison with all women and their stories.

Little by little, the woman rediscovers her life movement and freely and intuitively creates the Dance of her Matrix, raising the voice of her reality as a Woman.

Convinced that every woman carries, at the heart of her Matrix, the Mysteries of the Worlds and of Creation, Anahita's Boudoirs are an invitation to encounter these Worlds and reveal these mysteries towards a rediscovered Wisdom.

And it's together that we unite, support and love each other, ready to invite people to dance and walk hand in hand towards a World of Peace.

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