What is a Rebozo Ritual?

The Rebozo Ritual is a precious medicine for body, heart and mind, to be enjoyed at any time of life.

Inspired by the tradition of the Mexican women of Chiapas, the Rebozo Ritual is a treatment offered by 2 women who honour the woman who receives it, in her deep relaxation, her interiorisation, her transformation and her rebirth.

The Rebozo ritual offered by Boudoirs d'Anahita?

Mila offers Rebozo rituals, linked to the women who passed on this precious medicine to her in Peru and France. She is accompanied by another woman throughout the ritual (4-hand massage, sweating and wrapping).

2 different rituals are available: The complete treatment with steam bath or the complete treatment with sweat lodge.

And what is a Rebozo?

The Rebozo is a hand-woven shawl used by Mexican women throughout their lives and has many uses.

It is also used by Mexican midwives to help a baby settle into its mother's womb, or, after the birth of a child, to care for the mother during the great transition of life that is the birth of a child.

The Rebozo Ritual Care will give you the opportunity to:

- Refocusing and realigning yourself to find yourself better,
- Nourish your energy and vitality,
- Take time for yourself and relax deeply,
- Freeing yourself from the old to embrace the new.

and for the new Mothers of.

- To physically and symbolically close what has magically opened up during pregnancy and childbirth,
- Relieve physical, mental and emotional fatigue,
- Reconnect with your new female body,
- To find you and be reborn as a new Woman.

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