What is Hormonal Yoga?

Hormonal Yoga Therapy was created in the 90s by Dinah Rodriguez, a yoga therapist of Brazilian origin, to help women deal with the problems and symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and the menopause.

This natural therapeutic method, practised at least 3 times a week, aims to reactivate the female hormonal system through a combination of dynamic postures and intense breathing techniques (Bashtrika). It also develops specific work on the glands (ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands) through an adaptation of Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga postures, combined with a Tibetan energy circulation technique.

Mila trained in Hormonal Yoga with Dinah Rodriguez in 2018.

She will have seen its effectiveness quickly, at her level, in her life balance as a woman.

However, she was slightly disappointed by the training she received and the very formal approach of Dinah Rodriguez's Hormonal Yoga Therapy.

Mila will round off her approach with Holistic Gyn'Ecology coaching from Marie Pénélope Peres, and Womb Yoga from Uma Dinsmore Tulli, as well as her personal approach to listening, self-observation and understanding her body as a cyclical woman in constant movement, connected to her inner compass.

Yoga Matrice draws on all these approaches with great respect and gratitude for the training it has received.

Who is Hormonal Yoga for?

It's a natural 100% method for maintaining a balanced hormonal level at every stage of a woman's life. 

Hormone therapy yoga is initially aimed at women going through the menopause, to help them through this major transition.

It also has many other benefits (regulating menstrual cycles, reducing pre-menstrual syndromes, stimulating vitality, restoring libido and desire, preparing the body to welcome a child and stimulating fertility, supporting women after the birth of a child, reducing stress...).

It can also be a precious tool for returning to yourself through an approach to the body in the beauty of observing what vibrates in you, what expresses itself, what moves, what sparkles or what is at rest... towards the harmonisation of your anchoring and radiance as a Woman.

Are there any contraindications?

Hormone Yoga is contraindicated in certain cases, including breast cancer, advanced endometriosis, severe hyperthyroidism, heart problems and pregnancy.

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